Sanskrit's Virtual Speech Competition 2078

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Rules for Speech Competition:

  • Participants shall be given 3 topics altogether. They can choose any one of the topics and will prepare for their choice.
  • Speakers should use language, which is appropriate to the topic, the audience, and the formality of the occasion, and blaming others will not be entertained.
  • Speakers shall be judged on the basis of the relevance of the content, rhetoric, gestures, language accuracy, fluency, and confidence.
  • Students are expected to dress neatly and appropriately to suit the formality of the occasion, and to stand appropriately on the platform.
  • Gestures must be kept to a minimum. It is not necessary for the head and hands to remain completely motionless, but gestures must be natural and spontaneous, as opposed to dramatic.
  • Speeches shall not be less than three minutes and not more than five minutes in length.
  • The decision of the judge shall be final.


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