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Sanskrit's Virtual Speech Competition 2078

Contact us Register Here Student's Full Name: * Class: * 7 8 9 10 Your Topic of speech * 1) कोरोना महामारी र यसको संदेश (Corona Epidamic and it's message) 2) प्राकृतिक बिपत्ती: कारण र समाधान (Natural Disaster: Causes and solution) 3) देशको राजनीति र युवाको भूमिका (The politics of the country and the role of the youth) Mobile No: * Register Rules for Speech Competition: Participants shall be given 3 topics altogether. They can choose any one of the topics and will prepare for their choice. Speakers should use language, which is appropriate to the topic, the audience, and the formality of the

Admission Form (भर्ना फारम)

New admisson: New Admission form Full Name: * Date of Birth (BS): For eg: 2054-04-10 Gender: *  Male  Female Address: * Admission for Grade: * Pre-Nursery Nursery LKG UKG 1 (One) 2 (Two) 3 (Three) 4 (Four) 5 (Five) 6 (Six) 7 (Seven) 8 (Eight) 9 (Nine) 10 (Ten) Select Class Father's Name: Mother's Name: Mobile Number: * Occupation: E-mail: Do you need Bus service?  Yes  No Student's Photo: Send Reset